Essays in Honor of Amedeo P. Giorgi

Essays in honor of Amedeo P. GiorgiPublished in February 2014 and available on Amazon, this original publication wants to honor Professor Amedeo P. Giorgi, as a world-renowned and innovative psychologist and as an eminent former colleague, who, more than a decade ago, reinforced and expanded phenomenological psychology in UQAM. In the ensuing years the university has attracted a growing number of gifted teachers and students whose interests coalesced around the idea of a human science of psychology that would no longer model itself exclusively on the natural sciences but that would draw its main inspiration from the experience of concrete living.

Today these psychologists form a unique and fertile group of professors and students within the university’s psychology department. The contributors to this bundle of essays live and work in all corners of the world, from England, Canada and the United States to Sweden, South Africa and Japan.

What the authors have in common is that they all are former students and colleagues of Professor Amedeo Giorgi. The essays collected in this volume are meant to express their appreciation and gratitude for Amedeo Giorgi’s tireless teaching, for his great scholarship and erudition and, last but not least, for his unfailing collegiality and loyal friendship.