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Cinema and Phenomenology: 12 Angry Men

12 Angry MenOur first film projection for this new year will be “12 Angry Men“, a movie released in 1957, directed by Sidney Lumet and staring Henry Fonda.

It will take place on Tuesday January, 27th at 17h45 in UQAM Psychology department (in Montreal), room SU-1550. This will be our 5th conference about Cinema and Phenomenology.

The film will be introduced by Florian Ibarruthy, PhD/PsyD student with Mr Christian Thiboutot. It will then be followed by a discussion, to which everybody present will be invited to participate.

This event is organized in collaboration with the CARPH and UQAM department of Psychology.

You can watch the movie trailer here:

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  1. Voici une photo prise lors de la chaleureuse et passionnante conversation qui a suivi le film, animée par Florian Ibarruthy et en présence de Bernd Jager.

    Discussion 12 Angry Men

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